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Sunday Lately Week 91

Hey there! Thanks for joining me for another Sunday Lately! This week’s themes are: Planning, Loving, Reading, Wishing, and Feeling.

Planning: In two short days I’ll be taking a short vacation to the beach with my mama, sister, and grandmother and I am planning to have a wonderful time! Its been almost a year since we went last year and we’re all pretty excited to go again. This year we are getting a hotel on the boardwalk and will be enjoying 3 1/2 days of rest, relaxation, and fun. I’m halfway packed and am chomping at the bit to finish!

Loving: With each day I feel our baby boy moving bit more and I love the feeling of him moving. Many women who have experienced the joys of pregnancy will agree with me when I say there is a very special bond between Mama and baby during pregnancy. I’m hoping Hubby will be able to feel him move soon so he can share a bit of that bond but it is so special to know that right now I am the only one who can feel him.

Reading: This past week I’ve been reading  A LOT of emails with the goal of emptying my inbox a bit. My new phone shows how many new messages I have in my inbox and makes be terribly aware of how many messages I have yet to read. I’m hoping to see that number at least cut in half in the next week!

Wishing: As much as I am loving pregnancy and seeing/feeling our baby grow, there is a part of me that is wishing he would just get here already. I cannot wait to hold him and cuddle him and kiss that little nose that everyone loves in the ultrasound pictures. I’m also wishing the next two days would hurry up and get here so I can get to the part of my week where I can enjoy myself without dishes, laundry, or cooking.

Feeling: In case you haven’t caught on already, I am feeling super excited about my beach trip! I have had a countdown on my phone since we were 100 days out and when we hit the 10 day mark I really started counting down. I started packing on Thursday and after a little bit of laundry tomorrow I’ll be finishing all but my toothbrush, hairbrush and some other necessities.

Last week was such a beautiful week here in Pennsylvania, we have been enjoying lots of sunshine and although we need rain desperately, but I would rather the sunshine than snow. Stay tuned this week for more about our baby story and I’ll be over on the Glitter & Engine Grease Facebook page posting beach pictures throughout our vacation!


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