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Sunday Lately Week 90

Hey there! After a busy and pretty eventful summer, I’m joining back up with the blogger tribe for Sunday Lately.

This week’s themes are: Completing, visiting, repeating, writing, and scheduling.

Completing: As mentioned above we’re coming to the close of a crazy summer of hubby’s late nights up with his car, and all of the fun picnics and late nights out with family and friends. Last week was not such a fun week for me and I am happy to have completed it in one piece and without too many tears. I woke up Monday with back pain which an ultrasound showed was a swollen kidney and developed a cold as well. Feeling much better now, other than the end of the cold hanging on and am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things this week!

Visiting: This past week was our local town fair, which gets smaller every year but has been going on since the late 1800’s. Basically the fair gives the locals a chance to get together and visit with people they haven’t seen in while and eat some of the famous bean soup that the fair is known for. By Friday night I was feeling up to walking around and could enjoy myself so hubby and I spent the night walking, eating and having fun together. While there caught up with friends and family, some who we see every week, some who we haven’t had the chance to visit with lately.

Repeating: Since I’m having trouble thinking of what I will be or have been repeating, this week I’ll tell you what I will NOT be repeating. This week I will not be repeating the past few weeks of not getting enough done and as a result getting behind in housework etc. I’m determined to break the cycle this week. I’m going to stay on top of laundry and dishes, make time for daily workouts and try my very hardest to increase my water intake to where it needs to be!

Writing: I’m currently working on writing an exciting post that should show up on the blog sometime in this coming week. There are going to be some exciting changes in this house!

Scheduling: This coming week I am scheduling a “catch-up” week. So basically everything I didn’t get to last week is going to hopefully happen this week. The list includes the normal stuff like cleaning and laundry. I’m also scheduling in some fun this week too!  I’ll be planning meals for hubby while I’m away at the beach at the end of the month and enjoying some time on Pinterest finding some new, fresh ideas for gifts, decorating, and cooking and baking.


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