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Sunday Lately Week 70

Hey there! I’m linking up with the Blogger Tribe again this week for Sunday Lately!

This week’s themes are: Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Writing, and Scheduling.

Completing:  I’m hoping to complete some yard work and housework that I have gotten midway through. I began weeding out my flower bed a few weeks ago and after my beautiful tulips came up I put weeding on hold, but its time to finish weeding to prepare for planting new flowers. Spring cleaning started here in the house last week and, although I did make progress, I didn’t finish so I am hoping to complete my deep clean in this next week.


Visiting: I had the pleasure to visit with one of my dearest and best friends this weekend and am getting to visit with another friend next week. While I do hate the three of us living in different states, it makes the times we do get to visit all the sweeter!

Repeating:  This month has been another of those months where I am just plain busy and can’t seem to find time to do anything. My daily workouts have ceased to exist and I’m NOT ok with that. So this month I’ll be repeating the Pilates Summer Series with Robin Long over at The Balanced Life that I completed last summer and enjoyed so much. I have definitely become a lover of Pilates over that last year and need to get back into the habit of working out daily.

Writing: I’m working on writing a few new blog posts but also working at writing down a cleaning schedule that will hopefully keep me on track better.

Scheduling: This week I am planning to schedule in some time for me. I’m looking forward to enjoying some pleasure reading and also scheduling in some wonderful Pilates workouts! 🙂


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