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Sunday Lately ~ Week 159

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Goodness, where did 2017 go?!?!?! 2018 is here and it’s going to be a good year, I can just feel it! Last year brought about a few changes in our little household. February came and we added a small member (David) to our house who is growing too fast for his own good(can you believe he’ll be a year next month already?). In April we said good-bye to my loyal companion of over half my life, our precious yellow lab Summer, and then we made a twelve-hour trip at the end of May to bring home the newest member of our family, Emma, the cutest black Lab you could ever hope to meet! Life is never boring here and this year looks to be even more interesting than last!


Anyway, on to Sunday Lately…

Redoing ~ About half of one of my rooms has been redone from basically storage for toys David was too little for into a play area for him to play with those same toys plus all of the awesome toys he received for Christmas. I have incorporated a bookshelf my grandfather made for me as a child into a shelf for a few books and some of his toys and took a simple collapsible storage box and made it a toy box for all of those little toys that would get lost if not contained somehow. I also have his cute play mat that my uncle made for me sitting in front of the window where David loves to play and just sit and look out the window while playing with the curtains. Between the window and the bookshelf is also my faithful glider which is perfect for reading stories or sitting to watch him while I blog and catch up with emails. I am loving this set up and with the help of a few totes and dog crates I’m able to keep him contained in this area while he plays!

Altering ~ This past week I’ve been altering my focus and mindset for this coming year. Instead of worrying so much about how clean and organized my house and life is, I’m going to focus on finding a happy medium. I do not plan to let my house fall apart and be filthy but as I work to grow my direct sales business and work at blogging more often I also need to realize I cannot do all the things all the time.

Borrowing ~  I’ve been borrowing a line from the Casting Crowns song “Thrive”…” It’s time for us to more than just survive, We were made to Thrive.” This is my goal for 2018! We are surviving just fine while I am working a part-time job outside our home but this year I plan to build my business to the point I can be THRIVING as a stay-at-home mama!

Enjoying some Mommy and David time! And showing off my hair (Max & Madeleine’s shampoo bar is so awesome!)

Spray Tan? Nope! Just having fun eating Spaghetti O’s 🙂

Well, that’s all for this week! Stayed tuned for more from our crazy family this week!




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  1. Seams Sew Lo

    Oh my goodness! Spray tan! LOL! That is hilarious. I have been letting my house go for far too long. This year I am working getting my house more organized, so cleaning is faster.


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