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Sunday Lately – Week 108

Good Morning! Its been another busy week around here. Baby boy still hasn’t made his appearance into the world but I’ve been working diligently to make sure that everything is caught up before he does. Dishes are never easy to keep caught up with for me, as they are my least favorite chore around the house, but laundry is pretty well caught up as is vacuuming and overall tidying the house. His nursery is also coming together well, not as decorated as I’d like but that will probably come a little later once life settles down a little bit.

Searching ~ Still searching for curtains for Baby boy’s nursery curtains. Thought I had the perfect set last week but upon putting them up, quickly changed our minds. So back to Walmart we go!

Relying ~ On God to keep me patient as we wait for Baby boy to come. Thursday is week 40 for us and we are more than ready for him to make his appearance! God’s strength as been the driving force keeping me moving and from getting discouraged these last few weeks. As much as I’ve enjoyed pregnancy, I’m ready to carry him in my arms and have a bit more of my body back.

Addressing ~ Thank you cards. I wrote, addressed, and mailed countless thank you cards last week thanking everyone who came to my baby shower with gifts and everyone who has been giving me gifts as my pregnancy  progressed. My mom threw a wonderful baby shower last Sunday and we were truly blessed with more of the baby essentials I’ve been wanting and with more 0-3 month clothes than I think Baby will ever wear in his first 3 or so months of life.

Praising ~ I’ve been praising God every day that I have had such an easy and enjoyable pregnancy. Even these past few weeks of anxiously waiting for him to come I have not been miserable like so many mom’s report being. I have my aches and pains but other than a bit of sciatic nerve pain and a bit of back pain, I have been pain-free and able to enjoy being pregnant. Sleeping has been proving to be a bit difficult but only because my bed seems to be getting smaller 😛 I have been blessed with a baby who doesn’t wake me up at night but instead sleeps when I sleep! I am really hoping his prenatal sleep habits continue outside the womb as well.

Singing ~ to the radio and missing my Christmas music already. For any of you who know me personally, you know how obsessed I can get about my Christmas music. My Pandora account has several Christmas stations and they are played throughout the year, not just in December…have to wait until Hubby is out of earshot though since he doesn’t share my love of Christmas music. Regardless, my radio is always on in my car and Pandora is usually playing in the house to avoid the silence of an empty house. Can’t wait until I am no longer singing to an empty car and house but instead singing to my precious baby boy!

One more week down, and hopefully not too many more to go until its Baby Time!

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