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Sunday Lately – Week 107

Hey there! Its been quite the past few months but I’ll tell you more about that in the coming weeks, today I am happy to be getting back in the groove with the blogger tribe and Sunday Lately. We’re still waiting on baby here so bear with me as this week’s prompts are being driven by my desire to have our darling baby boy in my arms.


Thinking – This week has been a lot of thinking about how excited I am about our baby boy coming but also thinking about all of the aspects of life that are going to change. Hubby and I have been married for 3 years and have gotten pretty cozy together in our house just the two of us, three people is going to be an adjustment but I wouldn’t change it for the world. It has been a bit of a challenge figuring out where the baby’s furniture is fitting too, but I’d say we’re well on our way.

Finding – I’ve been working this week to find the time to get everything I want to get done finished before baby comes. This week I’m going to be working on finding more recipes that I can freeze and then either toss in my faithful crock pot, the oven or… my new favorite toy- my Instant Pot (which I’m finding is called an iPot amongst other Instant Pot enthusiasts.)

Allowing – The past few months I’ve been working on allowing myself time to rest and relax. I’ve been giving myself grace. Getting ready for baby while trying to eat healthy and stay in as good of shape as I can has been hard while also working a part time job, keeping house and growing a baby. Allowing myself some me time and grace has been so good for me but has definitely been a struggle.

Insisting – I am going to keep moving no matter how much I don’t feel like it. While I am taking time to rest and relax, I am also trying to make sure my Fitbit shows at least 5-7,000 steps per day. Ten Thousand is a step count of the past right now (although I do get close occasionally), but I am refusing to just sit around all day. Walking and working out is so very healthy for me and for baby boy and I always feel so much better after a workout on the days I fit them in.

Repeating –  Workouts from my What to Expect When Expecting workout dvd. I happened upon this workout dvd in my shopping the other day without even looking for it, and I love it! The workouts are perfect for any stage of pregnancy but right now they are exactly what I’ve been needing. They pack a punch and at the same time are gentle enough that I don’t feel overworked. My favorite workout by far though (the one I’ve been repeating the most) is the stretch and relax workout. (Note: These opinions are my own, I was not paid in any way for them)

Hoping to be sharing baby pictures soon!

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