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So, You’re Pregnant…Now What?!?!


If you’re anything like me, that moment when two pink lines appeared was one of the most exciting and …well the scariest moments of your life to date. Hubby and I hadn’t been trying for long before that first pregnancy test was positive, and then the test after that, and the one after that. So now you’re pregnant and where do you go from here? I’m hoping this post will give you the bit of direction I wish I had in those first exciting and scary moments.

(Note: The following information is my personal experience and opinions and is not to be taken as medical or professional advice.)

So what’s next?

Share your exciting news with baby’s daddy! This is such an exciting time, and while it may be a bit soon to tell everyone and their third cousin, it probably isn’t too soon to tell the one person who helped create your baby in the first place and having someone to be excited with helps make it all the more real. I ended up just telling Hubby that I took a test and it was positive, but Pinterest is FULL of great ideas if you want to be more creative.

Take Pictures! Everyone takes pictures of the pregnancy test but be sure to take a picture of you as well. Not taking a picture of myself on the day I found out I was pregnant is one of my biggest regrets about my pregnancy. I also failed at taking pictures every  week or even every month. I have a picture of myself around 36 and 40 weeks and family members have a few others but looking back I wish I had taken the time to photograph myself throughout pregnancy. These are pictures you will treasure and can show your little one someday.

Schedule your first prenatal doctor’s appointment! This phone call was a bit disappointing for me. I was expecting to have an appointment and hear the official “you’re pregnant” within the next few days, a week or two at the most. However, depending on how far along you are don’t be surprised if they schedule your appointment for what feels like months, but in reality is a few weeks down the road. To ready yourself for that appointment try to figure out when your last period was and be prepared to give a urine sample. If you’re anything like me, you’ll need to prepare for the urine sample by simply drinking lots of water. The first appointment can be a bit of a pain with lots and lots of questions but after that they get to be much shorter and more routine.

If you aren’t already, start taking prenatal vitamins. Vitamins are always important for our health but when you’re pregnant, prenatal vitamins aren’t just for you but are for the health of your baby as well. There are many different brands out there so if you don’t like one try another. I started with a capsule which was just too big for my liking and eventually ended up sticking with a gummy vitamin.

Have a conversation with your hubby about who to tell and when. For us it was a multi-step process. We told parents, siblings, and those SUPER close friends around 7-8 weeks and then waited until the end of our first trimester to tell everyone else. For us part of the waiting was just to make sure everything was ok but the other part was to be considerate to my sister who was getting married that summer. I decided right away that I didn’t want to take any of the attention from her on her special day and since I wasn’t showing at all yet it was easy to wait. When you tell everyone is definitely a personal decision but it is best to make a plan from the beginning so there aren’t as many “oops” moments.

Start a list and start discussing names. For us this was super easy for a girl name and super hard to find a boy name we could agree on. We narrowed it down to wanting him to have the same initials as Hubby though and to have his middle name (which is a family name) which helped but still made for some fun nights of throwing out names. The night we finally decided we were actually with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law sitting in their living room tossing out every boy name that started with “D” that we could think of. Which brings up another point. Despite what others (family, friends, etc.) think you should name your baby, always remember he or she is your baby and will be with you for a long time so be sure to pick a name YOU like.

Create your baby registries! This was a little stressful for me, making sure I picked the right items and  had thought of everything I would need.  I ended up creating registries through Wal-Mart and Amazon. Amazon was by far my favorite of the two since it gave me a checklist to go by and after the checklist/registry is complete they offer a Completion Discount off certain items on your registry. Even though baby is months away from arriving, you will appreciate the fact that you started your registries early and added to them throughout your pregnancy rather than having to hurry up and create one a month before your baby shower.

These tips are not in order by any means, but are all steps you’ll want to take pretty soon after you see those two pink lines. If you are reading this and have just found out you’re pregnant, Congratulations! If you are reading this but are in the process of trying to get pregnant or are just researching for the future you may want to pin this post to come back to later. When Hubby and I decided to start a family I became even more of a Pinterest addict than before and my pregnancy board filled up pretty quickly!

What tips would you add to this list? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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