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One Month Old!

Hey Everybody! My name is David…aka Little Man, Buddy, Precious, Handsome, and the list goes on. Today I am one month and 9 days old, but Mommy says I’m only supposed to tell you about my first month and let the other 8 days for my 2 month report.

My Hospital Stay: Mommy already told you the basics but I wanted to tell you a little bit more. After 9+ months inside of Mommy I came into the world on a Wednesday morning (12:42 to be exact.) I was pretty scared of this big new world so I didn’t let Mommy sleep much that first night. So she just held and cuddled me most of the night. I found out Daddy is a heavy sleeper, he slept through almost all of my crying. During the day on Wednesday my grandparents and great grandparents came to visit me, and mommy and I worked with a nurse to figure out how breastfeeding worked (I didn’t really understand at first). That night another nurse taught Mommy and Daddy how to give me a bath and then we all went to bed…at least for a little while. Thursday morning I had my second check up with one of the hospital’s pediatricians and he told Mommy and Daddy that I had low bilirubin levels and a bit of jaundice as well (whatever that means…Mommy and Daddy understood though so that was the important part), so I had to stay at least another 24 hours. They put me under these big lights and didn’t let me wear anything but a diaper and an eye mask until the next morning and Mommy was only allowed to have me out of the lights for a half hour every two hours to feed me. Mommy stood beside me and tried to comfort me for most of those 24 hours and Daddy stayed with me a few times when Mommy needed a break. Friday Morning I had another check up and they told me that we could go home. Yippee!

Under the lights and not even crying…not sure how Mommy got this picture

Mommy tried different outfits on me in the hospital…0/3 months…TOO BIG

Newborn size…much better!

Fuzzy warm layer…check!

Home at last! My Aunt Shelbi made this blanket for me, I was so warm and cozy with it that I slept all the way home!

Clothing size: 0/3 month…ish… I’m too big for newborn clothes but there are only have a few 0/3 month onsies and pants that fit me and don’t swallow me up.

My diaper size: Size 1…I grew out of newborn diapers before I was even 2 weeks old! Mommy’s favorite disposable diapers are Pampers (during the day) and Luv’s (at night, Mommy likes how absorbent they are). When I was about a week and a half old Mommy started using cloth diapers on me during the day. She has to get pretty creative when she folds the prefold cloth diaper because I am so small and then uses a Babygoal covers at their smallest setting on top of the cloth diaper. My great aunt in Connecticut bought me fuzzy pocket diapers that Mommy can’t wait to start wearing on me but right now they are just too big.

Weight at my last doctor’s appointment: 9lb 5oz ( I was 8lb 12.2 oz when I was born and 8lb 1.8 oz when we left the hospital)

My Sleeping Habits: When Daddy and Mommy brought me home from the hospital Mommy kept having to wake me up during the night to feed me because I didn’t wake up on my own. At my 2 week appointment my doctor told Mommy that I gained enough weight that I can sleep as long as I want at night. For the first few nights after that I let Mommy get about 5 straight hours of sleep before I was hungry and woke her up, but after those few nights I decided 5 hours was too long to wait between meals. Now I wake Mommy up to feed me every 3 or 4 hours but Mommy still thinks she’s pretty lucky that I sleep that long. My favorite places to sleep are in Mommy and Daddy’s arms but my Rock n’ Play is a close third. I sleep in my Rock n’ Play beside Mommy and Daddy’s bed at night but during the day I don’t like to sleep there nearly as much as I like to sleep in Mommy’s arms.

My big sister Summer likes to lay beside me while Mommy does dishes.

Places I have Visited: When I was a little more than 2 weeks old Mommy and Daddy took me to church for the first time. I wasn’t so sure about all the new sights, sounds and people but everyone definitely seemed to love me there. After church I went and visited with my grandparents (Mommy’s Mom and Dad) on their farm. Gram put me in her wind up swing that she used when Mommy was a baby so that Mommy could eat with both hands. I also went and visited with my Mommy’s grandparents and some of her aunts and uncles, they seemed to really like me. I can’t wait until Mommy and Daddy take me on a trip to see my Daddy’s Mom and Dad again! They came to visit me when we came home from the hospital and stayed for a few days to get to love on me, and cuddle me while they got to know me. Mommy and Daddy also tell me I have more family there who are excited to meet me and are going to love me!

My outfit for my first trip to church.

My Likes: Sleeping, Eating, being held, car rides

My Dislikes: Not being held while I sleep during the day, bath time, clothing and diaper changes (I especially hate not having any clothes on)

Mom’s Notes:

It seems like just yesterday David was placed in my arms for the first time. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and fell in love…just like I have every day since then. It is so hard to believe he is already a month and a few days old! I don’t get nearly as much done these days, I usually have about an hour total when I can get housework done without him crying but holding him all day is not a hardship at all!  We have tummy time every day and he is working hard and getting better at holding his head up with each passing day. Last week I had a work outing so we introduced the bottle for the first time and he took it without any problem; Mommy was the one not ready for that!  Mommy life can be exhausting but it is so very worth it. My only complaint is that he is growing way to fast. Slow down Little Man!

Just a few more pictures:


Rachel & David


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