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Mothers of the Bible Part 2

Hey there friends! Sorry I didn’t get to Part 2 last week like I had planned, but better late than never right? So lets talk about those other two mothers.

The second Biblical mother I want to bring to your attention is Rahab. I think Rahab’s role as a mother is overlooked in the Bible. In fact there are very few places she is mentioned in scripture at all. We are introduced to Rahab in Joshua as a harlot living in Jericho who hid two Israelite spies and helped them escape unharmed from Jericho. When Joshua led the march that resulted in Jericho’s walls falling, Rahab and her family were saved because of her kindness to the spies and her faith in God. After Joshua we do not hear of Rahab again until Matthew. Matthew 1 gives us the genealogy of Christ, it begins with Abraham and in verse 5 says “And Salmon begat Booz of Rahab…”.  So what do we learn from Rahab? Rahab’s story teaches us that it doesn’t matter what we’ve done in our past; when we put our faith in God, He uses us in extraordinary ways. Rahab was a harlot but after she put her faith in God, she became the mother to a son in the genealogy of Christ Himself. We need to be careful not to let our past define us but to move past our past and let God use us.

The third mother is Naomi. Naomi was a mother to two sons, but is recognized most in the Bible as a mother-in-law. Naomi’s two sons and husband died after they moved to a new  country where her sons met their wives. Alone in a foreign land, she decided to move back to her homeland. After deciding to move, Naomi thought of her daughter-in-laws well-being and tried to persuade them to stay in their homeland instead of moving with her. While one daughter-in-law decided to stay, the other, whose name was Ruth, refused to stay and moved with Naomi. Naomi returned to her homeland in a very bitter mindset. She was so bitter that she asked people to call her Mara which means “bitter.”  After their move (during which Ruth decided to make Naomi’s God her own), Ruth began to glean ears of corn from a man’s field. This man was Boaz and when he found out who Ruth was he instructed his workers to let extra fall to the ground for her to gather. When Ruth returned home she told Naomi the name of the man whose field she was gathering from. Upon hearing Boaz’s name, Naomi blessed the Lord for His kindness to Ruth and Naomi. Boaz was one of their next kinsman which translated into our terms meant he was a potential husband for Ruth. Despite Naomi’s grief,  she was able to see Ruth meeting Boaz as the gift from God that it was.  In the face of all that Naomi endured she still had her faith in God. She didn’t see Ruth meeting Boaz as mere chance but as something from God. I believe that through seeing Naomi give credit to God, Ruth was strengthened and more convinced than ever that making the decision to make Naomi’s God her own was the right decision. Naomi’s life is a lesson for all of us that we need to see God’s hand in all situations even when we are feeling bitter or down. Also, I admire Naomi’s acceptance of Ruth as her own. Ruth wasn’t a believer of God when she married Naomi’s son, which probably broke Naomi’s heart, but despite this when Naomi’s son died, Naomi accepted Ruth as her own. Blood relation doesn’t always matter when it comes to loving someone as family and helping them in their walk with God.

We have much to learn from the mothers of the Bible. There are many, many mothers who I haven’t talked about, all with their own stories and lessons learned. They, like us, had their faults, but they also had so many strengths. Many of these women had a level of faith we could only dream of having.

Do you have a favorite mother in the Bible? I’d love to hear about her!

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