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Mothers of the Bible Part 1

Good Morning! As I sit here in my front room with my cup of tea, my puppy beside me and the sun pouring in on both of us I can’t help but feel excitement for the coming holiday. Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day has always been special to me, even though I’m not yet a mother myself. It is a day to show one of the most important people in my life just how special she is to me.

I thought instead of going straight into a post about my mother that it would be beneficial to look into the lives of mothers in the Bible. I’m not sure how many I’ll be able to talk about this week but I’d like to at least look at three.


The Mother I would like to start with is one who is near and dear to my heart. Her name was Hannah. Many of you know her as the mother of Samuel but there was more to this mother than just raising a child. You see, Hannah was barren, 1 Samuel 1: 5 says that “the Lord had shut up her womb.” In today’s world a woman who cannot conceive will try many different medical procedures and if they fail many look into adoption. In Hannah’s day, having children gained you the respect of your family and friends and not having children resulted in the woman being looked down upon. I have so much respect for Hannah’s perseverance and trust in God in this area of her life. Hannah didn’t just give up, she prayed, she prayed with such passion that only her lips moved and the priest thought that she was drunk( 1 Samuel 1: 13-16.) I find in my life that the toughest times are when I need God the most but also are at times when I stray the most from Him. Hannah trusted God and knew that His will would be done. In fact, she trusted God so much that she went on to vow to Him that if He gave her a male child, she would give him back to the Lord.

Hannah’s faith and trust in God was rewarded and her request was granted. After her heartfelt prayer at the temple, she was told by Eli the priest that God would grant her request( 1 Samuel 1: 17.) Just as Hannah trusted God she also trusted Eli, a man who lived his life doing God’s work. After returning home with her ¬†husband, the Lord remembered her petition, just as Eli said He would, and she gave birth to a baby boy. I cannot even begin to imagine how much joy Hannah must have felt at this point in her life. After the years of humiliation, she was finally seen as blessed by God.

The story doesn’t stop there though. Hannah had made a promise to the Lord to give her child back to God, and she made good on that promise. When I try to imagine life in Hannah’s shoes, I imagine that having to give up the child she had prayed about for such a long time would have been incredibly hard for her, but she honored her promise to God. Through Hannah honoring her promise, Israel gained a man who became a judge, prophet, and counselor to kings. Hannah was later rewarded with several more children which is such a wonderful example to us that God does show favor to those who trust in Him.

While the story  of Hannah is one that makes us feel good inside we must also make sure we learn from her. We need to all work at having the trust and faith in God that Hannah did. Also, we need to be sure that if we make a promise to God, no matter how hard it is to keep, that we do keep our promise. God rewards those who are obedient and faithful to Him, often in ways beyond our wildest imaginations.

Will you join me this week in thinking about the mother’s of the Bible? There is so much to be learned from them if we only take the time to study them. I’d like to share my thoughts on a few more mothers this week, we’ll see how many I get to.

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