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Introducing Max & Madeleine!

So if you’re friends with me on or off social media you’ve probably seen and heard a lot about the brand Max & Madeleine lately. If you haven’t tried any of these great products yet you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about. Well, allow me to explain…

I am an Independent Advisor working for Max & Madeleine and absolutely love each of their products that I have used! As part of my journey to become a stay-at-home mama, I decided to look into direct sales and see if I could find anything that suited me and boy did I ever!

Max & Madeleine is a quickly growing company founded by two moms Melissa Moritz(mom to Max) and Carolynn Mowen (mom to Madeleine), who both have children with allergies with various allergies and sensitivities. After unsuccessful searches for products that their children could use, they decided to start making their own products, and together they created a business: Max & Madeleine.

They have created products that are all natural, and free of harsh chemicals and toxins! Almost all of their products are soy, gluten, treenut and shellfish free and many are 100% vegan as well.

So what does all natural and free of harsh chemicals and toxins mean?

Max & Madeleine’s products are free of parabens, phthalates, dyes, and synthetic preservatives. PLUS, you will NEVER see the word fragrance! All of Max & Madeleine’s  scented products (there are a few unscented and most are only lightly scented) get their scent from essential oils and fruit extracts.

Over the next few weeks and months I’m going to give you more information and my reviews about these wonderful products but today I thought I would tell you about my favorite product and a favorite of many other people as well. In fact, this product was our top selling product in 2017! Max & Madeleine sold 1341 4oz healing balms in 2017…That’s only the 4oz size…they come in a 2oz as well!

Max & Madeleine’s Healing Balm has been compared several times to hot sauce and Windex(from My Big Fat Greek Wedding)…It can be put on ANYTHING. Although Healing Balm originates from a nipple cream recipe it is good for so much more! The list is practically endless but just some of its uses are:

-healing dry, chapped skin (including lips)

– helping with cellulite, psoriasis, and eczema

-soothing sun burn,

-reducing stretch marks and itching during pregnancy

-can heal diaper rash (I have used this for my little guy several times)

-under eye cream

– makeup remover

-mysterious rashes (again I have used it on David several times for this)

This healing balm is 100% baby safe too so I don’t worry about David getting it in his mouth after putting it in on him like I do with baby lotions (Max & Madeleine baby lotion excluded, it is safe too 🙂 ) This is one product that I will never allow our house to run out of! I use it daily and love it!

If you have any interest in checking out these products or have questions about them please don’t hesitate to comment below and let me know if you are interested in samples and/or a catalog or check them out at:

Max & Madeleine Website

Facebook: Max & Madeleine Independent Advisor Rachel Follett

I’m pretty confident you’ll love Max & Madeleine as much as I do!




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