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How Easter Affects My Life

Candy, bunnies, and egg hunts. These are just a few of the elements the world views as necessary for an enjoyable Easter holiday. For my family though, Easter is much more than just a holiday and an excuse to pig out on good food. For us, Easter is a time to bask in the love that our God in heaven has for us.

I cannot begin to fathom the amount of love it took to ask the person who you loved most in the world to die for people who didn’t love you as much as you loved them, if at all. Although I cannot imagine it, our Heavenly Father did just that. God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to save anyone who will accept Him, from spending life after death in Hell. Instead of Hell, God offers eternal life with Him in Heaven, and not  only that but He also offers forgiveness for all of our sins past, present, and future. In our world we have to work to gain forgiveness from others and to have the life we desire. God, however, offers forgiveness and a life beyond our wildest dreams and asks for nothing in return. He asks only that we accept His gift and Christ as our savior. Wow! That is love.

With Easter Sunday coming tomorrow, we need to remember why we celebrate Easter. God’s love, and His gift of Jesus Christ dying on the cross should not be something we only remember one time a year. Instead, we need to remember  all year. My salvation, my personal relationship with God affects me every day. When I am feeling down and need help I can call on Him in prayer any time I want. In even the worst days God shows me He cares, sometimes through His word, and sometime in something as simple as a happy robin on a cold Spring day. Each day I try to live in a way that people see Christ shining through me. You see I don’t serve a God who simply died for me. My God rose again and is living today in Heaven and in the hearts of anyone who has accepted Him.

All of that being said, I can’t wait to see my family and eat a delicious meal with them. Any time with family is precious and enjoyable. Will you join me tomorrow and every day in remembering Christ’s precious gift? Your life will be better for doing so, I promise.

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