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9 & 10 Months

Hey Everybody! I’m 10 months old!!! The past two months have been pretty eventful. I visited my grandma and grandpa who live a few hours away and had lots of fun with them! I ate my first Thanksgiving meal (turkey, stuffing, carrots, and mashed potatoes.) My Auntie Amy came to see me and cuddled with me for a while, Mommy took a super cute picture of us, I’ll ask her to post it below. This month I have really been able to start moving! I can stand up when I have something to hold on to and move along it. Oh! and I have 7 teeth now(4 on top, 3 on bottom)! I had 3 come in on top at the same time, the fourth one came a week or two later, and #7 is just starting to come through. Mommy says I do really well when my teeth come in. Another new thing…not really liking it… people have started telling me “no”, not sure why yet though, I think when you are this cute you should be allowed to do anything!

My clothing size: I’m wearing mostly 6-9 months right now but am starting to wear a good many 12 months too
My weight: 20lb
My diaper size: Size 3
My Sleeping Habits: I sleep 8 – 10 hours at night and take 2 naps during the day.
My Dislikes: Being told “no”, having things taken from me that I want to play with, sleeping when fun stuff is going on around me
Favorite Foods: Sweet Potatoes, Yogurt, Puffs, French Toast
Favorite Songs: This Little Light of Mine, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Jesus Loves Me

New Words!: No no no no, ya ya ya, and I tried to say my name a few days ago

Notes from Mommy: Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday we were bringing home this teeny tiny baby!Little Man is standing (with help) very quickly these days and typically stands holding on with only one hand. He is also crawling very well on his hands and knees instead of his belly. We have been trying new foods and he is doing great with chewing his food! Hubby and I are so excited for Little Man’s first Christmas! I am hoping he will grow to love the holiday season as much as I do! Being Little Man’s Mama is such an awesome job! I am still working a part-time job outside our home and have started with a direct sales company also which is helping bring in a little extra. The struggle to juggle my job, housework and Mommyhood/wifeyhood is a bit overwhelming but seeing his smiling face coming towards me as he crawls as fast as he can, makes it all worthwhile.

This is how I greet Mommy every morning!

Love playing with this cool chair!

French toast is yummy!

Just couldn’t stay awake any longer!

Who needs toys when you have a spatula?

Hanging with Auntie Amy!

Uncle Cameron let me wear his hat!

Playing with Mom’s kitchen bowls

Paperwork with Pap

Grandma enjoyed cuddling while I slept

Mommy, can I play with this too?

First Thanksgiving




Rachel and Little Man


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