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8 Months (& 7 Months too)

Hey Everyone! Little Man here! I am 8 months (and a 2 weeks) old! Mommy has been waaaaay busy lately and hasn’t had much time to sit down and help me with my monthly posts lately so I’m just going to tell you about months 7 and 8 plus you get double the pictures of me! In the past two months I started crawling and I can pull myself up to standing when I am sitting up! Also I had 2 teeth come in! I went to my first baseball game in August, we went with my mommy’s work so she got to show me off to her coworkers! πŸ™‚ In September my Grandpa and Grandma Follett came to visit! It was so nice to see them.

My clothing size: I’m wearing mostly 6-9 months right now but can definitely fit into a lot of my 3/6 month clothes too!
My weight: 20lb
My diaper size: Size 3, and mommy had to adjust which snaps she uses on my cloth diapers too.
My Sleeping Habits: During month 7 I slept mostly through the night with an occasional night I woke Mommy up. I have been sleeping in my own room now for a little more than a month! I sleep usually 8-10 hours straight through and always in my crib, plus I have started taking naps here and there. I think Mommy is enjoying her extra sleep at night!
My Dislikes: Being alone, not being held, having shirts put on over my head
Favorite Songs: The wheels on the bus, Old MacDonald

New Words!: When I turned 8 months I was only saying Mama but now I say dada too!

Notes from Mommy: Wow! What a whirlwind the past two months have been! Little Man has been learning new things daily. I have found I cannot leave a bag (diaper bag, purse etc) within his reach or it gets drug all over the place lol. Crawling hasn’t been fully mastered yet but I think he may just skip that step.Β He is standing up from sitting and then moving along the walls of his pack n play…I don’t think walking will be far off. We had not one but two teeth come in during Month 8 and he was such a trooper about it. I have been dreading teething but he wasn’t fussy, slept fine, the only difference was that he drooled a bit more and now I have to watch he doesn’t try to chew on my fingers. Talking comes and goes…some days he babbles on and on and on and others he’s quiet but we are now hearing mama and dada. Can’t wait to see what’s to come!

The past two months I have been putting a lot of time and energy into my new direct sales business with the end goal to be able to stay home with Little Man more! If you have any interest in checking out all that Max & Madeleine has to offer the link to my website is .

I think that’s all from me for today, Enjoy the pictures below πŸ™‚


Mommy, Daddy and Me at my first baseball game!

Mommy had lots of fun showing me off at the game!

Showing my support for Grandpa and Grandma’s farm πŸ™‚

Grandma Follett bought me a new high chair, love it!

Hanging out with my buddy Emma! πŸ™‚

My cousin Tucker reading me a book!

Mom and I dressing in our Red for RED (Remember Everyone Deployed) Fridays!

Mommy thought she was funny and messed up my hair!

Mommy sat me in my crib…this was the first time I pulled myself to standing!



Rachel and Little Man


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