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Hey there! David here. Guess what! I’m half a year old already!!! Month 6 has been sooooooooooooo much FUN! This month I have started talking much more (Mommy calls it jibber jabbering) but, for some reason no one understands what I am trying to tell them. I am soooo close to crawling, I can move across the floor and pivot pretty well just can’t figure out crawling yet and I’m sitting up pretty well, still a little wobbly though. My new foods this month are sweet potatoes and bananas and I love both of them. One of the days I stayed with Gram she took me on a tractor ride, it was LOTS of fun! Mommy and I were also in our first parade. I fell asleep before it even started though. Mommy says the firehouse turned on their whistle while we were in the parking lot and I only opened my eyes briefly before going back to sleep. I also went with Mommy and Daddy to another family picnic. There were sooo many people who were lots of fun to watch. I also went and hung out with Mommy and the girls she works with at National Night Out! Gram and my foster uncle came too…my foster uncle got a shark balloon hat, Mommy said she’ll put a picture of me wearing the hat in this post. Last week Mommy bought a cart cover for me for when we go grocery shopping, so when we went shopping I got to sit in the cart and see everything instead of being in my car seat. Mommy also bought me some new toys and a jumparoo (not sure how to spell it for sure but it’s really cool and fun to play in!) at a yard sale for really cheap, she was super happy she got such a deal and I love having some new toys! Well that’s about all from me, I’m gonna give you my 6 month stats and then take a nap…

My clothing size: I can still wear some 0/3 month clothes (if Mommy can get them over my head) but mostly wearing 3/6 months

My weight: 17 1/2 pounds

My diaper size: I wore size 2 most of this month but just this week have started wearing size 3!

My Sleeping Habits: I only woke Mommy up one night this month, the rest of the nights I slept between 7 and 9 hours!

My New Likes: Bananas, the new toys Mommy bought for me

My Dislikes: Being alone, Missing everything going on around me when I am sleeping ( I fight sleep A LOT)

Favorite Songs: Old MacDonald, Deep and Wide, BINGO

Note from Mommy: Little Man is growing so big so fast. I enjoy every minute I have with him and watching him grow has been amazing. Every person who holds my little boy falls in love instantly because he is such a sweet and happy baby! He has been drooling and chewing on everything since he was 2 months old but I have a feeling he is about to start teething soon, the drooling has been increasing a bit more this month. Month 6 has been a very busy one for all of us and Little Man has handled it all like a champ! Someone asked me the other day how my little fella was doing and I simply and honestly told him that my little fella is perfect! So in love! Enjoy the pictures below!

Great Grandpa rocked me to sleep 🙂

Riding in the tractor with Gram.

Mommy’s $1 yard sale find!

My first time in the cart without my car seat. There was so much more to see!

Mommy and I were in a local parade…I woke up right before the picture…

I slept all the way through the parade.

Super tired after National Night Out!



Rachel and Little Man


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