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Journeying through Mommyhood one moment at a time!

Good Morning Everybody! Little Man here to tell you about my 5th month in this fun colorful world! And yes! Mommy knows this is waaaaaaayyyy LATE! This month has been full of fun and adventures. I am rolling all over the place every time Mommy lets me lay down on the floor, its great fun! Daddy and I had our first Father’s day together, boy, do I ever love him! On Father’s day we went to the swimming pool and Mommy put me in the water for the first time… I wasn’t quite sure what to think of it, but the water sure was cool to watch.  My Aunt Allison and Uncle Cameron were able to come home and visit for a few days over the 4th of July! Aunt Allison held me lots and lots! I love her soooo much, and although it is hard not getting to see her all the time while she is away serving our country, I am so PROUD of her! I also went mini golfing for the first time! They didn’t have any clubs my size but I had fun watching! 🙂 I’ll make sure Mommy posts some pics of me on the course with my shades. At the end of this month we went and visited my grandparents who live a few hours away from here and I got to go to my first outdoor cookout at their house! Mommy put me in my walker in the shade and I had lots of fun watching everybody, talking to my Aunt Shelbi and being held by people who love me very much! What a fun month!




My clothing size: I’m still wearing mostly 0/3 month clothing (depending on whether or not Mom can get the top over my head) and am starting to wear a good bit of my 3/6 month clothes

My weight: 15 lbs

My diaper size: Size 2

My sleep habits: Sleeping through the night ALMOST every night, once every 2 weeks or so I wake  Mommy up during the night but most nights I sleep 7-9 hours straight

My New Likes: Rice Cereal, Sweet Potatoes, rolling around on the floor while Mommy works in the living room

My Dislikes: Being left alone, missing everything going on around me when I can’t stay awake any longer

Favorite Songs: Old Macdonald and BINGO

Note from Mommy: What a whirlwind the past few months have been! I’m not quite sure where the time has gone but Little Man is growing all too fast! Seems like just yesterday I was holding him for the first time. I’m gonna let the pictures do the talking for this month, lots of new experiences and a ton of fun!

Emma loves giving me kisses!

Happy Father’s Day!

Mommy and Gram say I look like the Gerber baby here!

Mini Golfing!

Gram and me with our shades.

My new shades Gram bought for me!

My first hayride!

Hanging out with Aunt Allison at our picnic!

A is for America!

My first ride with my great-grandpa!

Daddy, Mommy and me at fireworks!


Grocery shopping with mom! She lets me hold her list for her 🙂

Hanging out with Grammy Gram and her dog Toby!


Taking a nap with Aunt Allison!

Just me and Mommy!


Rachel and Little Man


In case you missed last month… 4 Months!


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