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Hey everybody! I’m 4 1/2 months old today and have sat back down at Mommy’s laptop to tell you about my 4th month in this big world. This month Mommy took me on a long road trip (almost 12 hours round trip) to go get a new puppy. The new puppy’s name is Emma and Mommy says she is a Labrador Retriever. Emma loves me so very much! She likes to sleep beside my walker or underneath it right at my feet. Emma also loves to give me kisses but Mommy tells her to stop when she starts giving me too many. I have really gotten good at walking in my walker this month. I can go back and forth across the kitchen and can move forward just as well as backwards. My real exploring tools right now are my hands and mouth. I like to grab anything I can get my hands on and then put those items in my mouth! Mommy asked my Aunt Shelbi to give her a “mommy haircut” this month so that I can’t grab hold of her hair anymore, so not cool. I also went to my first picnic with Mommy’s family, there were lots of people there who loved seeing me. They made funny faces at me and talked to me all afternoon! We also went to visit my grandparents in the north country and had a cookout there too! I got to see my aunt and uncle, spend lots of time with grandma and grandpa and see my cousin too! Living life one roll and step at a time but boy is it fun!

Clothing size: Some of my 0/3 month outfits still fit pretty good but I’m also starting to fit into a good bit of my 3/6 month clothes!

Weight: About 16 pounds

Diaper size: Size 2

My sleeping habits: I sleep through the night almost every night now! Every now and then I wake up during the night but usually only once if I do. Mommy is loving the extra sleep! This month I outgrew my rock n’ play so Mommy found a travel-size pack n’ play for me to sleep in now. It is super comfy and I have room to roll around now when I sleep. Plus it fits in Mommy and Daddy’s room at Grandpa and Grandma’s house too!

Me in my new Pack n’ Play


My Likes: Walking around in my walker, talking to everyone, rolling over, rocking in my rocker and watching the toys swing, watching our doggies, watching TV with my grandparents and great-grandparents, eating, and sleeping.

My dislikes: Bath time, clothing and diaper changes, being alone, sleeping during busy days( I might miss something!)

Notes from Mommy: Well, another month has come and gone and he’s growing so quickly. His biggest milestone this month has been rolling over back to belly; I tell people he’s been rolling over like it’s his job. Just about every time I lay him down he starts to roll and I have to roll him back to his back, diaper changes have been great fun lately. We are settling into a bit of a routine most days that goes along the lines of eat, play, sleep, play, and eat again repeat. Little Man is holding his top half up with his arms and pulling those little legs and knees under his belly but hasn’t figured out putting the two together yet to start crawling but my oh my do those legs go when you stand him on your lap or when he’s in his walker! We’re getting ready to start into cereal in this next month and Hubby and I have a garden started so we can make some veggie purees for him as well when the time is right. The goal is to do as much homemade foods and as few jars of baby food as possible.

Just a few more pictures…



Rachel and Little Man


 In case you missed last month… 3 Months!



  1. Amy

    Such a cute little guy! He has grown so much! I love your new haircut too!

  2. Allison

    I miss little man!


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