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Hey Everybody! Little Man here again. Today I am two months and  10 days old, and am here to tell you about month 2 with Mommy and Daddy.

Clothing size: 0/3 month. There are still some of my 0/3 month clothes that are too big, especially pants but overall they are fitting better.

This is size 0/3 months too…don’t think its going to fit me before the weather stays warm for good.

My diaper size: Size 1… Mommy is still using prefold cloth diaper and Babygoal covers at their smallest snap setting. My great-aunt in Connecticut bought me fuzzy pocket diapers that I am now big enough to wear too! The new diapers are Angelicware brand, I really like how soft they are, plus Mommy likes how easy they are to use. If you are looking for cloth diapers for a baby in your life, I recommend going to Amazon and checking out Angelicware one-size pocket diapers.

Weight at my last doctor’s appointment: 11lb 13oz. Also, I am 23 inches tall!

My Sleeping Habits:  My favorite place to sleep is in Mommy and Daddy’s arms but I do sleep in my Rock n’ Play at night and occasionally in my swing or one of my bouncers during the day. I had a rough patch two weeks ago, Mommy and Daddy’s schedule was different from normal and we went to visit my Daddy’s family so I didn’t sleep very well after all the commotion but I’ve gotten back into my groove and am only waking Mommy up once during the night to feed me.

Places I have Visited: Mommy and Daddy took me to see my family in northern Pennsylvania this month and I got to see all of my relatives up there. I had fun meeting my aunt, uncle, cousin, great-grandma, great-aunt, second cousins, and friends of Mommy and Daddy’s but I especially liked seeing my grandpa and grandma again! I also went to visit where Mommy works, the ladies she works with all loved me so much, they talked to me and told me how cute I am.

My Likes: Sleeping, Eating, being held, car rides, talking

My Dislikes: Not being held while I sleep during the day, bath time, clothing and diaper changes (I especially hate not having any clothes on)

Mom’s Notes:

Where has the last month gone? Month 2 with Little Man has been so much fun, watching him grow and develop has been such a blessing. Little Man is doing a great job at holding his head up and loves to look around at his surroundings. He has also starting smiling and “talking” so much more. I think if he was using words he would already be carrying on conversations with complete sentences. I went back to work in the second half of March and although I am only working 3-4 days every week it is so very hard to be away from him. On the bright side, I have been able to leave him with either my mother or grandmother while I go to work so it’s great knowing he’s in good hands. Little Man is also napping on his own a bit more these days (in a bouncer or swing and not my arms.) I’m still not able to get everything done that I would like to but am at least getting closer to that point. Life with this little boy is such a blessing, as we enter warmer weather I am so excited to get out walking with him and soak in some fresh air and start getting my body back into shape. Can’t wait to see what this next month brings!

Went to help on Mommy’s parents’ farm, I slept in the carrier facing Mommy for most of the time we were there, but Mommy turned me around for a quick selfie.

My great-grandpa adores me, I spent a lot of time at his house while grandma and grandpa were in Florida.

My poor big sister Libby doesn’t understand that I am still too little to play with her. (Note: her ball is rubber and hollow but she is still careful and “gives it to me” gently)

Mommy found this hat in my dresser the other day and loves it! I can’t decide if its cute or embarrassing.


Rachel and Little Man

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