Glitter & Engine Grease

Journeying through Mommyhood one moment at a time!

About Me

Hi there! I’m Rachel..wife to Dale (referred to here on the blog as Hubby), mommy to David (aka Little Man), Emma (black lab), and Libby (beagle). I’m also a follower of Jesus Christ, Max & Madeleine Independent Advisor,blogger, and Pinterest addict.  Outside of our home I’m a bank teller, the rest of the time I enjoy cooking and baking for my wonderful hubby, spending time with our precious son, gardening, and looking for new recipes and ideas on Pinterest.

My adventures in glitter and engine grease began in 2013 when I married my hubby. We started out in a one-room apartment which shared a wall with a garage, so when hubby was out working on cars I didn’t have to go far to call him for supper; for me that is where it all began. Since then we have moved into a three-bedroom house with a garage in the backyard and a workshop in the basement. When you look around my house it isn’t uncommon to find automotive magazines among my cookbooks and random car parts on my kitchen table, but…that’s what gives a home charm…right? So welcome, I’d love it if you’d stay awhile, grab a cup of tea, and join me as I share my adventures in Mommyhood and the things I learn along the way!


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