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127 Days

So for those of you who aren’t counting, there are 2 days until Autumn begins, 64 days until Thanksgiving, and 98 days until Christmas. Have I mentioned lately how much I love the holidays and the holiday season?!

But this post is about something different than the regularly scheduled season changes and holidays. In approximately 127 days Hubby and I are expecting to welcome our first child into the world. We found out from a home pregnancy test when I was around 4 weeks pregnant. Making myself wait was killer on my nerves but I waited and my first pregnancy test and then the second had those two little pink lines I’d been dreaming of seeing for so long. We told our immediate family members fairly early on but waited until we were almost through our first trimester before telling everyone. My sister’s wedding provided the perfect reason to make us hold out and wait a bit longer to tell everyone else. She was married shortly before we reached the second trimester and I didn’t want to take any of the attention from her at her wedding so it worked out well for all of us! I’ll share in another post how we told everyone. It was so much fun for me to find creative ways of announcing our big news. We even managed to get our fur babies involved.



We just found out two weeks ago that its a boy!!! Hubby and I are more than a little excited. We are a little over half way into pregnancy and so far it has been flying, not without its bumps along the way but definitely going faster than I had thought it would. There are very few feelings that compare to feeling your baby move for the first time and gradually start moving more and more as the days progress.

So how has pregnancy been for me? Well, I have been very fortunate to not have morning sickness but did have a few weeks of nausea around weeks 10-14. Those were the same weeks when I discovered that water was making me nauseous, not really any foods, just water. I discovered that adding a little bit of Gatorade powder into my water did wonders to make it easier on my stomach. Last week began with pain in my lower back which was severe enough to wake me up.  Later in the week I found out that I had a swollen kidney that is common symptom of pregnancy and can cause some pain and discomfort. It was a hard week but after Tylenol, some time with my heating pad, and a few days of rest I am feeling much better this week! After hearing stories from other women’s pregnancy’s I am so grateful for the easy pregnancy God has blessed me with so far!

As soon as Hubby and I decided we were ready to start a family, I started researching all things baby. Who knew there was so much out there? In the coming weeks and months ahead I plan to share tidbits that I am learning along the way with you in hopes that my experience helps you or someone you know during this fun road called pregnancy.


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