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Hi Everybody! Little Man here again! I am 1 YEAR OLD! I woke up on the 8th and everybody kept singing to me and repeating the same two words to me “Happy Birthday!” Not really sure what all of that was about but everyone else seems to think it’s a pretty big deal.

This month it has been snowing a good bit; I love watching it from the little windows in my play room that are just my size. I love playing with all of my toys, especially my blocks, board books and any of my toys on wheels. Mommy says I’m a lot like Daddy with my love of toys on wheels. Waving at everyone has become so much fun and I still won’t nod my head yes…everyone laughs and smiles at me when I shake my head no. This month, I’ve really starting to love being read to. All I have to do is pick a book and bring it to Mommy and she reads it to me. Sometimes (when I ask her to) she reads the same book a few times for me!

Oh! and I started taking a few steps! I’m afraid to take too many but I do take two or three before I fall down.

Clothing size: 12 Months

Weight: 22lbs

Diaper size: Size 4

Sleeping habits: I sleep 9-10 hours every night and take 1 long nap and 1 short nap during the day

Likes: Eating, Playing in the bathtub, Playing with all my toys, Hugging and watching my doggies, Reading books

Dislikes: Being told “no”, having things taken from me that I want to play with, sitting still long enough that I fall asleep

Favorite Foods: Yogurt, Sweet Potato, French Toast, Yogurt Bites


Notes from Mommy: Where has the past year gone? Seems like just yesterday we were bringing home this tiny little bundle who relied on us for everything and today he is sitting here playing on the floor beside me not even acknowledging me because he is so wrapped up in his toys. We’ve been expecting him to take off walking any day now but for the time being a few steps is the extent of his walking. He has more toys than I know what to do with but somehow he manages to play with almost all of them every day! A new favorite past time is taking toys out of their boxes and off their shelves and scattering them across the floor for Mommy to clean up after he goes for a nap or falls asleep for the night.

I am still working part-time but am hoping by the end of the year to have my direct sales business off the ground and running enough for me to quit and be a full-time stay at home mom. Now that Little Man is playing independently more, I am hoping to start blogging a bit more regularly too 🙂 Stay tuned this week I am hoping to have a few more posts up! Enjoy the pictures!


Somebody was too tired to even finish his banana.

Why go around if you can go over it?

Grocery shopping with Mommy!

Morning snuggles with Daddy

Pap trying to teach me to catch snowflakes with my tongue.




Rachel and Little Man


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