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Good Morning tall people!!! David here, well-rested and ready to tell you about month 11 here on this big earth! This month was kinda a blur for me, Mommy and Daddy. We had our first Christmas together! Mommy and Daddy got me a cool book about Baby Jesus and his parents and a xylophone that floats in the tub! I wasn’t a big fan of baths in the beginning but as I get older I’m liking them more. This month Mommy has started filling the tub for me and letting me play more, I love to play with my animal bath toys that my Uncle Glen and Aunt Kourtney bought for me before I was even born. We spent Christmas with my grandpa and grandma who live a few hours away from us and we ended up staying an extra day since mommy’s car’s alternator died (not really sure what that is but I heard everyone talking about it). Grandpa and Grandma got me a really cool book with a  3D cow, and lots of cool clothes, and I’m sure there was more but my memory is only so big. Uncle Kyle, Aunt Shelbi, and my cousin Tucker bought me this cool toy with pegs I can pound with a mallet, and this dinosaur that plastic balls bounce around in…they are super fun to play with. Plus, I also got gifts from two of my great aunts! They got me clothes and this cool little school bus that talks! While we were in Daddy’s hometown we also visited with my Uncle Glen and Aunt Kourtney (friends of Mommy and Daddy’s) and I got to meet them for the first time, they were super fun! Oh! and my Aunt Shelbi gave me my first haircut!!

When we got home we went to visit with my Pap and Gram who live close to us and I got more clothes and a 4-wheeler(the wheeler doesn’t have batteries so i have to move it with my feet but I’m still not so sure about sitting on it). My great-grandparents all got me gifts too(I really am so very loved)! I got a little red wagon, and a dog pillow, and a stuffed bear chair, and a talking puzzle and…yes you guessed it more CLOTHES!!! Mommy is super excited about all of the clothes. Oh! and my other great uncle and aunt got me more clothes and some cool trucks!  Christmas was lots of fun, but I still get tired pretty easy with all the commotion so Mommy says I might understand what is going on a bit more next year.

My clothing size: I’m wearing mostly 12 months but 6-9 month clothes fit ok too
My weight: 22 lbs
My diaper size: Size 3
My Sleeping Habits: I sleep 9-11 hours each night and take 1-2 naps during the day
My Dislikes: Being told “no”, having things taken from me that I want to play with, sleeping when fun stuff is going on around me, not being held when I want to be held
Favorite Foods: Pancakes, Spaghetti O’s, Applesauce, Yogurt

Notes from Mommy: What a month! Little Man pretty much filled you in on everything. Life has been quite eventful around here and 2018 will probably be even more of an adventure. David has crawling mastered now, is pulling himself up on everything, and is starting to let go and stand for a couple seconds on his own. He doesn’t seem to have any interest in walking yet but I’m sure that will come before any of us are even close to ready for it. It is absolutely crazy how fast he is growing! We still have a few new foods to try but for the most part he is eating the same food as the rest of us. Meals are getting quite fun since he is a bit of a messy eater and seems to be a bottomless pit but it makes the adventure all the more fun! Enjoy the pictures!



Who needs toys when Mama has spatulas?

Great Grandpa’s lap is where the best naps are had

Daddy taught me another use for my xylophone sticks!

Grandpa and I had fun playing with blocks over Christmas!

Grandma with cousin Tucker and me

Me and Aunt Shelbi after my haircut!

Haircut Time!

Cousin Tucker and me playing

Daddy and me playing with one of my gifts!



Rachel and Little Man


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  1. Shirley A Earnest

    Thanks for all these posts! As a long distance great gramma, these are very important to me. He is such a handsome little fellow. I just love watching him grow and hearing of his sweet escapades.
    Love to you all!


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